Use the same animations for Mixamo characters

I’m trying to use multiple characters from Mixamo (created with Adobe Fuse). My question is how can I use the same animations with multiple characters ? Do I have to reimport each animation for each character, even if it’s the same, and recreate my animation blueprint for each character ?
It seems illogical…
If I just import my mesh and replace it in the Character blueprint, it won’t animate… (even if i reselect my anim blueprint).
Any ideas ?

There are 2 ways to do it. Sorry But Im not a pro to give you a step by step guide for them but here they are:

  1. use the same skeleton while importing your new characters into unreal. it will automatically associate all Your character animations, pose and anim blueprints with them!
  2. use a “child” and simply make a skeleton master model and make children elements with different models

Personally I use the first one. I just retarget the animations once for my “generic” model. and then use the same skeleton for all other imported models.