Use the name "Unreal" as part of Game Title?

Hello People,

last days i thought about game titles. In Ages of 10.000 Computer Games produced every year, naming get a bit more complex.
So i thought it could be an easy Solution to call a game, based on the engine it is.

Like: Unreal Fighters Unlimited (for an fighting game) or Unreal Racers Pro (racing game).

Was just an Idea and i didnt really searched for it in the “Terms and Conditions”.
You know, spend time for searching takes ages sometimes :wink:

Yeah, the main question is, is it allowed and what you guys think about this?

greetz Spähling

I’m pretty sure that’s fine.

I’m pretty sure its not. The word Unreal is used by Epic in some of their products(Unreal Engine, Unreal Tournament), so start using Unreal in your own product names could get you in legal trouble.

No it can’t. Do you remember the ‘Elder Scrolls’ VS ‘Scrolls’ Battle ? If not go check it out and look at the results, this is the same thing.

If there’s even a remote chance you’ll get into legal trouble it seems like the complete opposite of an easy solution. Epic was for example not ok with a community created game named “Unreal Tournament” that was supposed to be a collaborative project to rejuvenate the UT series and showcase UE4. In that particular case they decided to involve themselves to maintain creative control but still invited the community to help build the game.

In no way is it a good idea to associate your game name with an existing IP even if it’s just a subtle hint. You’re building your own thing and for your own sake you should distance yourself from others, not just because of the legal gray area.

It’s really not difficult to come up with names for your game since the name doesn’t even have to use real words, e.g

well, interesting points your brought in. @Dieselhead yeah the link you post is an good example how to avoid this things, but also a strange complex name to search for it via google, bing or all the others :slight_smile:

It’s certainly one for the lawyers, but as long as Unreal isn’t the first word, you should be okay. (Basically, try and make the Unreal bit of the title look as if you are using it for it’s meaning, not just trying to tie to the Engine. That looks like you are trying to hitch your wagon to Epic’s IP, and will get you in trouble).

Well, sometimes not only the name can cause trouble.
If gameplay is replicated too closely, its considered infringement as well. See: Mario Bros vs. Gianna Sisters

In terms of names, it cant even contain a hint in terms of playing with words…
For example, if you create a game about the grave-robbing adventures of a hairstylist, named “Tom Braider”, then you might get problem :slight_smile:
The same if you have a FPS game in the unreal style with bathroom levels and call it “Urinal Tournament” :rolleyes:
Or one where you throw at each other with soda cans and call it “Cola Duty”…
The list is endless… So many good titles, but all a bit edgy on the legal side … :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that even if it were allowed (which I doubt), it wouldn’t be a good idea. You’re setting expectations that you’re not going to match. Much better to come up with your own name instead, and not try to hook into someone else’s.

well fair enough. I wasn’t really supposted to do it, cause from beginning on my thought was, its better to think its illegal to use the name inside.

Just ask Epic if you can use the name Unreal in the title. That should answer all you’re questions! :slight_smile:

I’d play Urinal Tournament!

Bring your own joystick :smiley:

I want to play these games.
Also, under the law, if the game is a parody, you can get away with the names listed above.