Use the complex collision of the controlled Mesh


I am making a Prop Hunt game in UE4, everything is working fine exept one thing : the collisions !

The system for choosing the players randomly as a hunter or a prop is working, and when you are a hunter you can’t transform into objects.

I was wondering if there were a way to set the actual mesh of the props players to another mesh by pressing E, and USE the new complex collision of the new mesh we are transforming into.

For the moment i am using the system of this vid : UE4 Tutorial Prop Hunt | #2 | Transform Into Props and Set Correct Collision - YouTube

but this is only uptading the default capsule collision to a new one to the size of the new prop. This capsule is not very presise, i want to use the object complex collision instead.

Please tell me if its possible and if you need pics, any help would be awesome ^^

I apologize if some of the things I am asking sounds stupid, but I am not a programmer, I have been doing level design for now 3 years, but i want to learn more