use state machine


I wanted to know how to use the state machine because I do not understand the logic I know that the first task and idle but then I no idea how his work and that what one could do me a small drawing with the name of puts animation?

ANIMATION: (running_crawl) (zombie_attack) ( zombie_biting) (zombie_biting_1) (zombie_crawl) (zombie_death) (zombie_dying) (zombie_idle (zombie_neck_bite) (zombie_run) (zombie_scream) (zombie_walk)

On a state machine you are

  • always on a state
  • you can only move from one state to other if there is a path from that state to the other
  • those paths have conditions, s you an have more than one exit from a state, but the conditions should be different.

So you will need to make a drawing of circles (states) for all the animations you have, then draw lines like you are idle and then you can go walking and then go running, so you know you cant jump from idle to running without passs walking first.

When you have that drawing, you will be able to make a similar one inside UE animation state machine.

There are even good tutorials regarding that topic:

Actually if you would “cheat” a bit and just get a quick start and look how far you could get then create a blank new third person template project, import your own mesh and set it up for retargeting animations. Instead of retargeting one animation after each other and put them together into some animation blueprint with state machines yourself you could just search the “ThirdPerson_AnimBP” anim blueprint rightclick this one and choose “Retarget Anim Blueprints” … and choose your own skeleton. This would create a copy of the anim blueprint (including its state machine) and a basic blendspace (idle walk run) for your skeleton mesh. Afterwards search the “ThirdPersonCharacter” blueprint and replace the UE4 mannequin mesh with your mesh and the original anim blueprint with the copy of the anim blueprint that you’ve created via retargeting (you should find all those new copies in the same folder where you’ve stored your own skeleton). Delete the mannequin guy (that one with the camera behin) in the third person map (usually you should still have a spawn point somewhere in the map by default) and click start. That way you should be able to run and jump with your own mesh in the third person template below one minute or so. Afterwards you would add some further states like crouch or combat stuff and could come back into that anim blueprint. I could recommend this tutorial series:

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quick question I do not know if it 's happening in blender or EU4 but I wanted to know how to play a annimation on site.

sorry I would make a video if you do not understand

I don’t understand “on site” … could just guess: Maybe you mean an animation montage? Like to override some ongoing animation with something that happens dynamic? Like some “he fired NOW and should do some throw back its upper body a bit anim”? In that case just follow the tutorial until you reach the “fit and unfit” part. To be honest I owe this guy at least beer …or probably a few more (seriously). :wink: - His tutorial is perfect until you get to something like “multiplayer replication”. But even this could be done. I love this engine :slight_smile:

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here is the video:

The mannequin in your video is using In Place animation (root bone keeps it’s position) while the animation of your character uses root motion: - If you would remove the root motion then take a look at the animation in Blender and how it would look if you remove the movement of the root bone in the dopesheet of Blender. Probably you have to add some up and down movement to the pelvis bone (depending on the animation) yourself. In my opinion it’s easier (espacially if you would go for multiplayer later) to use inplace animations and push and pull around the translation of your hole character in the speed you like yourself. But from animators sight of view you might get better results with root motion (because the speed usualy fits perfect to the animation so the feet does slide over the ground). There are tutorials for creating a root motion controler as well:

I board delete animation keys and a walk except for one animation

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