Use slider to change the HSV of a model


I make a HUD with 3 sliders for Hue, Saturation and Value to change the color of a specific asset.
I manage to create the HUD with variable and custom events for all the slider but I can’t connect the asset to the scalar parameter value.

You need to use a Vector Parameter instead of a Scalar. You can use MakeVector in blueprint to connect all three (XYZ=RGB). In your material you want to change your Scalar Parameter to a Vector Parameter. You also need to have the Name value set in the Set Parameter Value node to the same as the name of the Vector parameter in your material. Finally, you need to use the Create Dynamic Material Reference node and plug it into the “Target” of the Set Parameter Value node before you can adjust Parameter values.

Sorry for not having anwser sooner, I tried differents things and I’ve got a another work I had to do but I’m back.

Finally, I found how to do it and it much simplier that I fought (but when I see the the time in took me, it’s a joke :p), you have to:

• create a HUD with the 3 sliders (Value, Desaturation, Value)
• create custom events from these sliders
• create a Material Parameter Collection with 3 scalars output
• go back to the HUD and connect Exec/Value output to a “Set scalar parameter value” and in the “Collection” entry, select your Material Parameter Collection

and voila !

Now that this part is finished, I can keep going and try to found how to de/activate a light with a checkbox that I have in my HUD, I post a reply if I found something ^^