Use sequencer to rotate camera around a model

I’m new to Unreal engine, and I’m trying to animate a camera rotating around a car that I modeled. I would prefer not to use the rig cranes or rails as I don’t want to get into all that stuff.

This is my level as it is currently set up. The camera’s pivot is at 0, 0, 0 as is the car. The idea is to animate the camera rotating around the car to show it off from all angles.

So, using the sequencer tab, i created a camera cut and linked the camera. I set a keyframe at frame zero, and want to make the camera do a full 360 by the end.
If I set the car to rotate like that though, it either doesn’t move (the displacement is 0), or if I rotate the camera all the way minus 10 degrees, it just takes the short rout.

So, I put a keyframe in the middle to force the camera around. However, instead of doing a full 360, the camera goes to the middle keyframe as expected, but then ping pongs back

Here’s a really bad sketch of what’s going on. I want the camera to follow the green path, but it instead follows the red. It first goes to keyframe 1, then the long way around to keyframe 2.

How do I force the camera to do a full rotation, not anything but?