Use Predict Projectile path to show bounce?

So I have a Predict Projectile path set up and works and stops on hit and all. I want to on hit take the hit velocity and draw another projectile path from the hit location so i can see the bounce/ricochet path. I was able to do this with a line trace and it worked fine but when i try to do it using predict projectile path it wont work. And advice would be great

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Never mind i figured it out.

For anyone who needs to do this what I did was use a Predict Projectile Path (Advanced) then on last trace destination i mirrored the velocity by the impact normal as the new velocity on the second predict projectile node thus giving me the desired result.

Hi Cozy, I am looking for the same problem. can you give me better picture
in the blue print

Hi, using the solution provided by CozyTonyGames, I made the following blueprint that suits my need. I added a loop and the “bouncepredictioncount” variable to have up to 5 bounces calculated but you can remove the loop and keep only the two predict projectile function use to have only one bounce.

The code is used directly inside my projectile actor.

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Made some adjustments for your code and extracted into a function


Even with adjustments above it doesn’t account for velocity change (eg if projectile bounces higher, it will have less velocity due to gravity). To account for it, has to calculate velocity at impact location eg with this function

and then use it while calculating speed after bounce