Use Physics To Move Constant Speed

You want the pawn to move at constant speed but that’s not how AddForce works. AddForce adds constant force but it also makes the pawn to accelerate and you’d need something else to keep the speed steady.

Basically what you want to achieve is to have steady velocity for your pawn while moving but that’s not all that trivial if you want to keep your physics simulation working properly. There is “Set Physics Linear Velocity” -node but do note that it overrides existing velocity values on pawn so if your pawn hits something, it’ll override that kind of effects also.

If you don’t have to use physics simulation to move the pawn, it’s easier to calculate the movement yourself. You would then just move the pawn at each tick by 100 * DeltaTime on direction you want.

Hey everyone. I need to move my pawn 1 meter / second using the AddForce Blueprint node. My problem is that the pawn’s movement speed changes depending on frame rate, making my game unplayable. I have tried to figure this out for hours and hours now. Common sense would say to simply plug in 100 into the “force” pin. How can i get my pawn to walk 1 meter/second no matter what frame-rate is set? Thanks.

Hey bro: instead of using tick, which is what I am assuming you are doing. You a timer instead.

  • Set that puppy to loop and at a 1 second time interval.
  • GGWP

quick thing that worked:

Thanks, but i’m actually using my keyboard to move the pawn (wasd)

Are you sure you want Add Force and not Add Movement Input?

Thanks for the suggestion of SetPhysicsLinearVelocity. I’m not necessarily worried about a constant speed (acceleration is perfectly acceptable). What i need is for it to work the same on varying frame rates. That’s the important part. If it continues to accelerate that’s fine. As long as it’s accelerating the same at different frame rates. Make sense?