Use Physics and moveto with Character Blueprint

I am rather new to this and this is an Problem, I don’t seem to be able to find a solution on my own with google so far: I have a Character Pawn Blueprint, that is a Tank that can be moved to where you click. But the Tank stays all time Vertical, even when moving up on terrain, activating physics solves that behavior, but then the tank wont move at all. What I basicly need is just that the verhicle is correctly on the ground not more.

q_001.PNG ← What I want
q_002.PNG ← How it moves :-/

If you wan’t to use physics I would recommend not using the ACharacter class and instead the APawn class and code out the behavior you want. If you insist on using the ACharacter class then what you will want to do is a line trace down from the front and/or rear of the tank mesh. Get the impact normal and rotate (using lerp_rot) the character MESH(not actor) to match the impact normal.