Use physic asset for character collision

Hello everyone.
I want to know, how can I use physic asset with my character? I’ve have imported a skeletal mesh with animation and skeleton for, i’ve create a physical asset form this ad then create a character blueprint. How can I set the Physics asset instead the capsule? I’va tried to set the capsule to No Collision, overrided the physic asset to the skeletal mesh in the blueprint, but now the dragon fall trough the floor and fall.

that’s the blueprint

I have to choose a different parent for Blueprint?

Thank you all

Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

I’ve yet to work with physics assets but here is a guide I found in the Unreal documentation:

Hope this helps!

Already readed, but found no help, the page says how to crete and manipualte physic asset, but not how to use them. :S Even on the net and youtube I found Nothing

Go to your blueprint, select the capsule component, go to collision, and on collision present set it to something else (like spectator, don’t set it so it has no collision at all else it will fall through the map.

Next select your mesh you are using (in this case the dragon), and choose a different collision preset for it that suits your needs.

This doesn’t work because without the capsule mesh colliding with the world, your character will walk right through everything. It does enable more accurate collision on the skeletal mesh, but it’s not a proper solution

Just discovered this on the marketplace. I’m in no way associated with the author.

It’s expensive but worth it. Does everything you want and more.