Use Path in sequencer


I’m trying to use the PATH option in the new sequencer. It’s possible that what I am trying to do is not the intended use of PATH, but I assume it is and I am just not implementing it correctly.

I want to animate the position of a camera along a spline.

Steps Taken:

Made a spline in a BP
Added some control points to the spline
Added a shot track and a camera to the sequence editor
On the camera, under TRACK, selected PATH then the Spline_BP

The camera does not move at all and I have tried adjusting the timing for keyframes at the beginning and end of the the PATH in the sequence editor.




I’m currently having the same issue two years later using 4.18
My setup is as simple as yours and nothing happens

Did you manage to solve this or can someone see this and tell us what we did wrong ?

Thanks !

Alright so anwering mysfelf

This does not really solve the main issue witch is to use a simple camera
But I managed to make it work by creating a blueprint actor and putting the camera inside