Use Original Socket Location in Animation

Hi there.

In Animations, I’d like to have an option to retrieve a socket location without any animation Offsets.
I.e. that the Socket Location is taken from the original Animation Sequence Asset and not the altered one.

This can be helpful with IK, where you get the unaltered SocketLocation of the Standing Animation and trace from above this location towards the socket.

The Right picture shows what I get currently. The SocketLocation is retrieved from the visible/real Location of the Socket.

The Left picture shows what I need. The SocketLocation is taken directly from the Standing Animation without any IK and Transform Bones etc.

This is what IK bones are designed for - getting the intended location of the foot/hand etc.
Either constrain IK bone to its non-IK version during animation creation or copy the info at run time before applying IK.
I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Well, when using IK, I have to predefine the location of the Feet.
It would be much better If you could use the original feet location of a standing (or any other) animation. This way it’s not necessary to adjust any XY Values for the Feet offset.