Use one Perception Neuron (MoCap Suit) to control two characters / messed up fingers

Hey Guys, I have a question about Mocap datas (Perception Neuron) and controlling two different characters.

When I connect the PN to Unreal 4.18.3 I use a NewPoseCalc and connect it to the FinalPose in the AnimBlueprint.
In NewPoseCalc it’s possible to connect the skeleton from Axis Neuron( the PN software) with the Mixamo Skeleton which I’m using.
This works somehow ( the fingers are messed up) but now I have to control two characters with one PN Mocap Suit.
For example waving left hand of character1 and if I would wave with my right hand, then I wave the right hand of character2. Just disconnecting the unneeded arms doesn’t work

Attached two pics to illustrate
So I hope someone of you has an idea.
That would be great

Thanks in advance!