Use one cloth data / proxy for multiple targets

Hey everyone,

along the lines of this: (Remove from Mesh - Low-res cloth to drive High-res cloth)

I want to drive a cloth mesh from a proxy. It works, it’s fantastic but UE does not allow me to assign the same clothing data to multiple meshes. I have a skirt with two materials, but I can’t assign the same data to both sections.
Should this be possible (it should right?), how can I solve this?

The error message is:
LogClothingAsset: Warning: Failed to bind clothing asset Roman_Soldier_Clothing_Skirt LOD0 as LOD0 is already mapped to mesh LOD0.

thanks for your help

1.use 3ds max plugin to create cloth data.(download form nvidia website)

2.export two or more copies of the same cloth.

3.apply those copies to the same cloth in diffrent sections.

Basically, it can, but it will increase the amount of calculation