Use of unreal marketplace assets as NFT's for minting

Hello, I’m confused if we can mint NFT’s with the art we paid for on your site. THis is a email I sent to one of the artists. I hope you can also help us clarify.

We are making a FPS moba game that will have it’s own crypto currency token. We intend to make NFTs as well and would like to use your gun assets on unreal marketplace as NFTs. We paid for your pack of scifi guns today.

The NFT will have the graphic image of the gun (as we need to convey what gun or item it is graphically), but it doesn’t convey any copyright or intellectual property rights. It simply means by equipping the NFT the user will unlock the use of that gun and shoot things for them. It’s simple a token that represents ownership of the in-game item. No one will have access to the 3D model data or metadata. For example, the NFT can be named “laser 3912” representing that it’s a unique item that’s rare that only the first buyers of the game will have access to.

It’s kind of like the trading card game pokemon. You are the artist who creates the pokemon designs, we have paid for rights to make a game with that art and print the physical cards with your art. The players can own the physical cards, that’s the NFT and that’s their property however they don’t have rights to resell your artwork or any intellectual property rights (and niether do we). It’s just that we need to be able to print the cards (nft) and players need to be able to trade the cards (nft).

Is this okay?


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It’s great to see entrepreneurs are actively involving in developing new era of game development by embedding play-to-earn nft models. By the way it’s good idea dude. Great job!!! @anonymous_user_024f98db

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