Use of undefined type

I have been investigating this, while it doesn’t seem to prevent the editor from running, but following errors are coming from “class.h”, which isn’t written by me, and by quick looks seems to have something to do with the way the objects are managed(?).


  • Dereference back into a UClass
  • @anonymous_user_b2e972a1 the embedded UClass
    TSubclassOf::operator*() const
    //erroredline// if (!Class || !Class->IsChildOf(TClass::StaticClass())) //erroredline//
    return NULL;
    return Class;

FORCEINLINE TClass* TSubclassOf::GetDefaultObject() const
return Class ? Class->GetDefaultObject() : NULL;

The errors are:
Use of undefinied type “TerraingenYp” (an exsisting, custom class)
“StaticClass” identifier not found.

What is happening right here?

EDIT: I found answer after long investigation, and my issue was to have a class, that was spawning another class, without including that other class’ header with “#include .h” Hopefully someone with the same problem will find this instead of wasting their time.

updated to better match the problem.

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