Use of UE 5 Documentation

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I am writing a companion guide to Unreal Engine 5. The guide is educational and intended to provide instruction on the use of UE5 for new and experienced users. As such, it is similar to a text book but will be available online for a modest fee.

I note that Epic Games’ EULA relating to its “Services” (which includes the UE5 official documentation online) permits non-commercial use and linking, but is less clear when there is a commercial use. Basically, I want to be able to link, refer to and quote porions of the UE5 official documentation in the text book. This is because it iis highly desirable that reader’s follow workflows and practices in the official documentation and that the text takes the same approach. In this sense, it is a derivative work.

I have looked around but haven’t been able to find the answer to the following question - Can I link, refer to, quote portions of and use images from the UE5 Official Documentation published by Epic Games online in the text I am writing, given that the text will be available for sale?

Thanks ifor any help yu can provide.

If it’s basically advertising for Epic, I don’t think they’d have a problem.

Maybe you could put it on the market?

Thanks CWO. Checked some more and confirmed that any commercial purpose is prohibited. Referring to Epic Games’ IP in Fan Art is allowed provided it is uncommercial.

However, I found the license page in my travels and there is a form re custom licensing. Not 100% on point but seemed close enough, so I took the opportunity to ask for permission. I don’t want to simply help myself, though I don’t disagree with you that Epic may not have a problem with educational works.

As to the marketplace suggestion, bit early for that sort of thing, but I was thinking more in the direction of a web site which would make it easier to edit or update the guide on a regular basis.

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