Use of Marketplace Assets for Education


I am going to be teaching a little bit of Unreal 4 as part of our university curriculum this coming year. The aim of the module will be for students to understand the storytelling aspects of game design through use of lighting, sound and atmosphere. As the module isn’t about creating assets (due to time constraints) I would like the students to be able to use assets from the marketplace to set up their games/scenes.

My question is about how the licensing for marketplace assets work within an academic environment. We have purchased a few packs from the marketplace previously but was hoping that we could share these among the students that would like to use them for their projects. Could you please advise on the best way of allowing this? Would the assets need to be purchased separately again for every student as they would be linked to accounts or could we set up a shareable project?

I should clarify the games the students create will be offline only within our campus and will not be used for commercial products.

Remember that You can work with Your students the way you described with assets found in all projects released by Epic. You can found those projects mainly at the “Learn” tab of Epic Launcher.

Unfortunately we are limited in what we can grant for Marketplace assets because Epic doesn’t own them. If one person purchases them, under the EULA that asset can be shared with third parties with whom that individual is jointly developing a project, but those third parties are not able to use the assets for any other purpose.

This is really very amazing for me. Thanks a lot for