Use of HTML5 build batch file for building ICU4C for a non-UE4 project


I’m working on a lightweight HTML5 and mobile focused game engine. It’s currently very early in development and I’ve only recently gotten the cmake build system set up to build the required third party libraries. The only hang up I’ve run into is with the ICU4C (International Components for Unicode) library. I have never come across a library with quite as complex a build system as ICU has (Okay, maybe boost :P). Furthermore, there is very little information on custom building the library outside of the platforms it natively supports. I’ve lost days trying to get it to build for HTML5 (into .bc binaries).

I figured I’d give your build batch file for ICU4C HTML5 a shot and it worked like a charm (even on 60.2) with all the same build settings I used for my library and the other third party libraries.

I’d really like to have ICU4C available on all platforms since it is the defacto internationalization library for C++. Is using a build tool provided by UE4 to build a library for another project within the bounds of the license? If not, what would be fair compensation if this was the only aspect of UE4 that I use for this project?


We discussed internally, and you have permission to do as you suggest without any royalty obligation.

That’s awesome! Thanks!