Use Mouse in Rift

Hello, I have setup a UMG actor menu for my game. Like in this tutorial Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - 3D Widget (UMG 4.6) - YouTube
I’ve also made it where I can use my mouse to click the buttons in my umg menu. It works perfectly in non-rift mode but Id like it to work in rift mode. In rift the cursor does not show up.

TLDR: How do i use the mouse in rift mode to click 3d UMG buttons?

If anyone is having trouble understanding what I’m looking for. I’m looking for an interaction similar to what you have in the oculus demo

No one has any idea how to do this?? Probably the best way to use menus in VR and no one from the UE4 community can do it?!

Hey Tan! Im just wondering how to do this as well, by any chance, did you manage to figure it out?

Thanks in advanced,