Use Mouse for Touch, Mouse and Touch does not behave the same.

I have a Dell laptop with one of those nifty 4k touchscreens. I’m developing for mobile and am using touch for mouse events and have come across some differences in how my UI behaves when using either my monitor’s touch or the mouse.

Are these two inputs expected to behave exactly the same?

Currently I have to input delay nodes occasionally or my BPs won’t flow as expected when using the touchscreen. When using touch I have a ‘check if game paused’ branch followed by a ‘pause game’ function (fires in both branch cases). The ‘pause game’ for some reason will trigger before the ‘check if game paused’ even though it’s after the branch. This works fine when using the mouse.

I can hack stuff to make this work, add mentioned delay, add another boolean that’s set long in advance etc, but this has popped up multiple times now.