Use more CPU Cores / Threads

Hi All,

I read an article in Unreal Wiki ( ) that you can allow UE (version 4.22 for me) to use more cores, but I can’t find file/folder “**UnrealBuildTool” ** inside Programs folder or any folder inside my documents direction. I did found **BuildConfiguration file in Engine\Source\Programs\UnrealBuildTool\Configuration **direction, but there are no lines of code about processors and their values. As well after finding this article ( ) I added the whole code line in **BuildConfiguration **file but still can’t see any difference in compiling speeds.

Can someone please advise is there even a chance of using more cores/threads more efficient as at the moment when compiling simple material with 2 single constants nodes takes like 30ish sec and my ryzen 2700x with 32 gb 3000MHz ram (+ gtx 1080ti GPU) seems barely working…