Use mixamo character in my game


First I am sorry for my mistakes but I am French so I don’t speak really good english…

I am trying to use Mixamo character in a projet. I watched a video in order to learn how to do it

I did all they did.
I imported the character, then the animation and I selected the good skeleton.
I create AnimBP, create a blendspace.
I copy the ThirdPersonCharacter and the ThirdPersonGameMode in my character’s folder.
Next I change the third person character by my character and selected my AnimBP.
In the AnimBP I did all they did. You can see it on my screenshot there : ->>> idle state ->>> walk/run state ->>> idle to walk run ->>> walk/run to idle

Here you have my blendspace :

Then I did the eventgraph as them.

But when I press play, I see my character in idle animation, when I move it move but stay in idle animation everytime. But why ?
So do you know what can be wrong in what I did ? Did I miss something ?

Thank you so much for any answer and thank you for your time.

Good bye ! Best regards.

It is hard to see without debugging why exactly it is not moving, but at a glance here are few things I noticed:

  1. On your screenshot a speed is set > 0 (green dot, I believe speed value is 300), but your character is not moving on a preview pane.

  2. Unless it is by design, but usually idle and walk/run animations are combined into one blendspace, so you do not need to use extra states.

you can place “print string” node in your event graph to see what speed you are passing into your animation. Also, (probably you already did that, but still) make sure that animation on a character blueprint is not paused.

Hello ! thank you for your answer !

  1. When I open the blendspace, my character is never walking. I need to hold the Shift button and then if the green point is in the middle like the screen, she walks :confused: so i don’t know if I really understand what you say.

  2. I am sorry but I don’t know how to place a “print node” in my event graph :confused: I am a beginner and I try to learn with video on youtube but as you can see things never go as plan :frowning:
    Are you saying that the states walk/run in my event graph is totally useless ? Can I supress it and do another thing ?

Thank you so much for your answer !
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Okay, I try to create the print string so I add it at the end of my event graph (is it there that I need to place it ?) Here you have the screen :
So, I delete the Walk/Run state and change idle into idle/walk/run using the blendspace you can see it there :

But I think my print string node is not working at all cause it does not print me anything on my screen when I play :confused: Have I made a mistake ?

Thank you again

Like that ?

  1. If she walks when speed > 0 that you are good.
  2. “Print String” node. Print String | Unreal Engine Documentation
    Your idle animation should be when Speed is 0. Like that you do not need an additional walk / run state. You just use one state: idle/walk/run and regulate it with the speed. You can refer to Unreal templates for 3rd person or top-down as an example.

yes, you need to connect exec wires (white).

yes, but you do not need a duration that high. Keep it like 1-2 seconds at the most.

are you sure you set animation blueprint in the character’s settings?

you need to replace a cast from ThirdPersonCharacter to AkaiCharacter

Okay, then when I pressed play I will have something ? Or is it in my logs ?
I pressed play but nothing happened. Next I try to search something in my logs but there is nothing. Did I made a mistake ?

Yes I have done it. Here you can see AkaiCharacter setting. I created the Akai_AnimBP and you can see in AkaiCharacter that it is the good animation blueprint :confused:

Whaou ! Awesome ! It is working ! Thank you so much for your help !

Best regards

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