Use Mixamo animation in MAYA ART or in the Epic Skeleton Mannequin

Hi! im Leandro, i use the scripts from Nicolas Esposito in Maya 2020 to bring a mixamo animation in the epic skeleton to edit before with ART tool, but i have weird rotations in legs arms and other bones in the retargeting proccess. I will update the script if anyone want to.

The followings are the paths i follow to get working in the ART tool for edit before:

  1. In maya, import the FBX of the mannequin -exported from ue4 or yours exported ART skeleton-, and import in the same scene the Mixamo Animation downloaded from the webpage. If you can, keep the hips in the same location from your skeleton to the mixamo skeleton imported.

  2. Run the selected attached script in the Maya Script Editor in MEL. Press RUN, and the retarget its done.

  3. Bake the animation in all the target bones (select all joints, go to keys Bake simulation). Now you can erase the mixamo skeleton. Go to delete all type of history, and now you can export the animation of your epic skeleton in to an FBX file.

  4. Make a new Scene, add your character for animation from the ART Tool , now you can import the animation with the import icon of the ART Toolset, and edit it in the sections of you want.

I hope you can help if have the same problems like me. Thanks Nicolas for your base script!

Look the attached files for the MEL SCRIPTS with and without root motion. Cheers!