Use LODs for procedural mesh component?

I am using a procedural mesh component in my blueprint.

Currently, I iterate through the function for each imported LOD of a static mesh, and use each one as the base to creating a procedural mesh component.
The mesh is created with this:
procedural mesh script 2.jpg
To be honest, I can’t really figure out what changing the “Section Index” value actually does.
Is there a way to combine these mesh sections to create a procedural mesh with multiple LODs?

Sections and LODs are different things. A ‘section’ is a part of the mesh with a unique material ID. So you will want to call CreateMeshSection() on a loop for all the sections of your mesh. If your mesh only has a single material ID nothing will change :slight_smile:

Procedural Mesh components do not support LODs, faik. So iterating the LOD array is not going to do anything ( other than making CreateMeshSection() run more times than it should!)

There is a plugin on the marketplace that can create LODs for Procedural Mesh

What is the plugin’s name?