"Use light temperature" can't be set from blueprint?

When creating lights in a blueprint there seems to be no way to set the “Use light temperature” boolean. All other light parameters have setters and getters, but this one only seems to have a getter.

Am I missing something or is this parameter not exposed to blueprints? And if it’s the latter, is this intentional or accidental?

(Tested with point lights components in both 4.8 and 4.9 preview 3)

You need to go to your Blueprint Viewport Tab, select the light in components tab, go to properties on right side os screen, and in the Search field, type “temperature”. Now you able to modificate the temperature and others things…Maybe that help!

Thanks, that would indeed work if they were manually added, but I should have clarified that the lights are generated in the construction script and as such I have to set the properties from script.

Hello Amage,

If you would link me a screenshot of your blueprint and how you have your lights implemented in the construction script.


Sure, here’s the setup:

Note that the temperature value itself can be set, but the use temperature boolean can’t. Various other boolean properties also have set functions, but this one does not.

Note that the screenshot is a function that is called from the construction script. However, placing the same sequence directly in the construction script has the same results.

I just noticed you CAN actually set this from the properties tab when selecting the “Add Point Light Component” node and editing the value there.

That solves it for my current use case, but I would still expect to be able to set this later on, similarly to all the other light properties.

I noticed someone marked this as resolved. I’m glad I found a workaround that works in this case, but isn’t this still an issue that should be addressed?

Hi Arnage -

I have entered a request to expose the Set Color Temperature Boolean as a Set Function instead of just a Get function in Blueprints, UE-20112 for reference. or myself will keep you informed here as we know more.

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

Hello, I can’t find UE-20112 in the issue tracker, was this removed or backlogged? Aware it’s slightly comical that I’m asking over 5 years later but you can still only Get the Boolean in BP not Set it.