Use Level Blueprint to Simulate a Keyboard Event on Event Begin Play

Please help me figure out how to simulate a keyboard event on event begin play when a level loads.

I have in-scene textures that are set by various keyboard events (eg. “O” sets a mesh material to “Orange”, “B” sets a mesh material to Blue). This works great for my gameplay.

However, I also want to be able to use a config file variable to set which material is displayed by default when the scene load. So when the level is loaded, “B” or blue can be displayed by default instead of orange. The simplest way to do this would seem to be having the config variable of “B” trigger the keyboard even associated the the “B” key, but I can’t figure out how implement this.

The simplest way is not to simulate input but to separate the inputs from the functions that do something in the game. In your case “set a mesh material to Orange” should be it’s own function or event, and then both the “O” input and the level blueprint can call it.