Use Labels to Manage GitHub Pull Requests

Hello team,

Pull Request on GitHub are great, the make a great context for development by interleaving commits and comments and finally a merge if everything turns out nice.

It struck me when a PR of mine was closed with the comment that I should maybe address the feedback provided and create a new one.
Every pull request, small or large, deserves to live up to its full potential.
Every pull requests deserves, from this day and forth, to exist as a context of ongoing development and simply not a one shot of contribution.
Unlock the potential of the pull request,
optimize your workflow!

Thank you for your feedback regarding GitHub pull requests. The process that we currently follow for pull requests utilizes our own internal issue tracking system. Unfortunately a lot of the process is not visible on GitHub, and using labels may help in this regard. I will raise this suggestion with the rest of the GitHub team to see if this is something we might be able to use to provide more feedback to users who submit Pull Requests.