Use kite demo assets in my own level

I’m want to ask if the assets from the kite demo download on unreal marked is usable in my own level projects?
The reason i ask in because i have not been able to find any information on if the “pack” is legaly ok to use in another level file than the demo.

And when i try to cook the content of my level using my own height-map, L.A.M and some bushes i think, and the rock from the kite demo. The log keeps telling me that it can’t find anything i have replaced in the LAM layer files.

Maybe all i have to do is make a new “game” folder and place all the assets and mat files there?!

I have imported everything from unreal marked. And one pack i have is telling me there’s something wrong with the import. It is the rock pack pro! ( I’m not using rock pack pro rock in this level! I only have it in the content folder)

But everything from the kite demo come out: Can’t find file '/Game/Environments/…

What is wrong here?

Hey Dalgaard.Alex,

Feel free to use the Kite Demo assets in any project you wish, as long you you do not intend on selling the project/game once it is finished, you are free to use that content.

Could you clarify what you mean by L.A.M? I am assuming you are referring to the Landscape Auto Material available on the Marketplace?

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the error messages you are seeing in your Log window? If you have some ‘Externally Referenced’ errors, you can rename your .Uproject file which will clear those errors out. You can also try using the ‘Fix Up Redirectors in Folder’ option when you right-click on the ‘Content’ folder within the ‘Content Browser.’


Hi… Another question. btw the error was a human error hehe.

Would it be possible to use the content (Asstets) like dear / Birds / Animations / textures / vegitation / rocks etc.
If it were to be used for a commercial project against an extra %fee to the existing fee for using the engine?

I do not know the specific details, but you would want to read the EULA on our support landing page for all of that information.