Use Key Inputs to stream or unstream Level

I’ve got a scene with 10 sublevels, named 1 to 10. I want to stream them in one after another using the persistent scene Level blueprint. Right now i am able to do that with a Delay in between each „Load Stream Level“ node. So i have 10 of these nodes, one for each Level, and all separated with a Delay. But that only works in one direction. Now i want to Stream or unstream them using a key Input in runtime. So when i start my scene, i want to be able to press a key and Level 1 is being streamed in. If i press that key again, scene 2 is also streamed in and visible next to Level 1 (and so on, in both directions) Any ideal how i would be able to do that in blueprints?

Something along these lines

No error checking, but it will work if you’re ‘nice’ with the keystrokes…

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Fab! :slight_smile: