Use interface to pass an array?

I create two vector arrays in a construction script (fig 1), they arrays are correctly made and have a length = 40. I want to pass these arrays to other blueprints via an interface (fig 1 & 2). It’s not working, the array that arrives has length = 0 (suggesting the array didn’t actually pass to the second blueprint) (fig 3).

I’m not sure where my set up went wrong. I’ve only been in Unreal for about 2 week, so please speak to me in simple terms like I have no idea what is going on (because I don’t).


You are using an interface to pass it in the same actor?

Good question…no, they are both of the class actor, but they are different actors (if I’m understanding the terminology correctly).

Then a reference to that actor should be your Target, not Self.

That sounds reasonable. Small question…how do I create a reference to an get that references a specific object?

There are many ways. Hope these links help: