Use Friendly Names for Custom Types

I think it would be super helpful as an optional in-editor feature to be able to specify a custom list of type name prefixes that would be parsed into friendly display names in the editor.
I know the documentation discourages developers from using abbreviated prefixes to custom types but the reality is, in larger projects this will almost definitely be desired, or even required due to the 32-character type name length limit imposed. Not to mention it can act as a very simple and visually easy to read way of organizing source code.

As an example, in the Unreal Tournament source, pretty much all classes are prefixed with the UT abbreviation. If you could specify UT as a user-defined prefix and enable a *display friendly names for user-defined types *setting, all UT prefixes would be stripped away.

I’m not sure how difficult this would be to implement because I’ve never really looked through the editor source very much but if it wouldn’t be too big of an undertaking I think this could be really helpful to a lot of developers.