Use different blend spaces in an animation blueprint?

I have two different sets of animations, one for male characters and one for female characters. Both characters use the same animation blueprint as their animations are essentially, just slight variations to some things like how they walk for example. So I have set up locomotion blend space for both genders to control their movement from idle to walking to running. Now I need to use these two blend spaces in the animation blueprint. I have a variable in my animation blueprint for gender that determines if the character is male or female. I just don’t know how to use this variable in the animation blueprint to dynamically change which blend space gets used. The actual Anim Graph doesn’t seem to allow branch nodes or any other regular sort of blueprint nodes, so I’m kind of stuck?

In the blendspace you should be able to tick an option to expose the pin for the blendspace animation, then you can set the correct blendspace in the event graph and use that as a variable in the anim graph.

Ah ha, that did the trick. Thank you.

For anyone else reading this that needs some more direction. You first need to drop a blend space into the Anim Grapgh; doesn’t matter which one. Then select it and tick the Blend Space pin option in the Details panel. From there you can promote that pin to a variable and then set it to whatever you need in the Event Graph.

Thank you! O