Use datasmith importer in standalone mode

Hi, I’m building a cad project configurator where I import the cad files with the blueprints.
Everything works fine, but when I build the project for shipping, it doesn’t work.
This is because the editor utility actor where I call the import nodes from is not called in standalone mode.
Is there a way to call the datasmith import nodes from another type of actor that is called in standalone mode or is this impossible?
Thank you very much.


the datasmith import functions are editor only. This is why you can only use them in some editor only classes such as editor utility widgets.
If you want to load CAD at runtime you have some alternatives:

  • prepackage the CAD in a pak file: load in editor + cook + build, to load it at runtime. That works well for use cases where end user can choose a model to load from a predefined set. We have customer that automated their pipeline to generate such content so they can schedule a preparation and then load the resulting model in the application.
  • wait for 4.27 and subsequent improvements in future version where we will introduce CAD load at runtime.


Ok, thank you very much for your reply.