Use custom depth as mask, console command?

Hello everyone!
I am writing here because I need a little help:
Basically, I’m trying to take a screenshot in-game with blueprint and I know I have to use console command HighResShot but I was wandering if there’s a command for using ‘custom depth as mask’ since I really need this function.
I would gladly use the editor screenshot tool, too bad I need an orthographic view, and for that I need to use a camera actor, right?

Thanks to anyone who could spare a moment to help me. Cheers!

It is possible, I just tried it. The syntax is a little confusing. You just have to specify a lot of parameters. This is from the command console documentation:
ResolutionX(int32)xResolutionY(int32) Or Magnification(float) [CaptureRegionX(int32) CaptureRegionY(int32) CaptureRegionWidth(int32) CaptureRegionHeight(int32) MaskEnabled(int32) DumpBufferVisualizationTargets(int32) CaptureHDR(int32)]

Example: HighResShot 500x500 50 50 120 500 1 1 1

Made a little tutorial, if that helps:

Hey, thank you so so much, @quality ! it’s easier than i thought

Hi, this was a great help.
But I found an issue.
it worked fine in UE editor.
But When I package the game and run the game and press the button for screen shot, the game crashes with the error image I attached.

Is there any solution for this.
What I actually need my app to render out an image png of my character only without background. Which can be done with custom depth mask feature.

Thanks in advance.