Use Controller Rotation Yaw client jank/lag

If you create a New Project using the Third Person Character template and tick “Use Controller Rotation Yaw”, then launch PIE in 2 player mode (server-client), on the client Sideways movement and Back movement is extremely janky and problematic. This occurs in any project I make that uses this variable.

The reason for this is that the Controller rotation is not being smoothed between Server and Client, meaning the client is constantly correcting its rotation with the server, causing nauseous lag when moving with rotation.

The workaround is to bypass this variable (can basically disable it) and use this custom block of code:

This properly replicates the movement to the client without lag, movement is extremely smooth.

The handling of this variable needs to be improved to avoid this extreme jank. I’ve only noticed it in 4.13, It didn’t seem to be an issue in 4.12 so maybe some codes gone/been disabled, either way its unusable as is for clients.

just the other day I was about to see this code and now I cant , did something happen to epics site?