Use concave objects with multiple convex elements for collision meshes

I wanted to know if it is possible to assign a concave object that consists of only convex elements so that we don’t have to rename a seperate object everytime following the FBX pipeline.

For instance, what if you have a tunnel that bends a few times and you need walls along the bends to follow nicely. In 3DS Max piece of cake to quickly make each side of the wall (from all the bends) a seperate element and then make them all convex. However, following the current pipeline, each section of that wall that is convex must be a seperate object (as opposed to element within an object) often ending up with more than like 100 objects seperatly, all needing to be named accordingly…

It would be much easier if the engine could recognize the convexity of an element within an object as opposed to the object on its own as it would allow us to make collisions much faster.

Does UE4 provide a way to do this in an easier way? Or do I have to go the hard way and grind my way through collision block after collision block after collision block…?