"Use Complex Collision as Simple", through code

I found one other topic about it but the window screenshotted that should tell me how to do it has no extra information where to find it and seems unreal engine 4.

The idea is also to run a script to do so like this:

# Get the current level
level = unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.get_editor_world().get_current_level()
# Iterate over all actors in the level
for actor in level.all_actors:
    # Check if the actor has a StaticMeshComponent
    if actor.static_mesh_component:
        # Set the collision complexity to "Use Complex Collision as Simple"
        actor.static_mesh_component.body_setup.collision_trace_flag = unreal.CollisionTraceFlag.CTF_UseComplexAsSimple

from the other post: Collision: “Use complex as simple” for 2000 Objects? - Community / Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums (unrealengine.com)

It seems that it was possible to change for multiple meshes at a time, but was removed as it is no longer in unreal 5.2

As per usual, although having this issue for a long time, the moment you ask you get the solution, apparently cannot be done with actors already in the scene, but can be altered on the meta object: