Use clickable buttons on UI to give character a speed boost

Hi , i am following a tutorial to create a sidescroller game in ue4 using blueprints.
There is a section in which we are giving our character a speed boost by using key input. I am trying to achieve same functionality but by using clickable items on HUD or UI.
Here is the link for it. to achieve such functionality. Thanks in advance.


You can do using ***Event Dispatchers. ***When an user clicked UI from UMG Widget, broadcast the event.

See Blueprint Event Dispatcher](

The character movement that controls speed is “Max Walk Speed.” You can find this as a component in the main character blueprint (not the anim BP, the actual character BP).

Thanks i will look into it.

I am newbie so have been trying to access character movement in onclickevent but it didn’t work. Is there any example in which that what you have mentioned has been used ? TIA

You need to get the character movement from the actual player character - it won’t be immediately available in the widget.

If the widget has been created properly with a player controller, you can get the owning player pawn, cast it to a character and access the movement component there. Just make sure you reset walk speed again if you UI get’s removed…

Thanks everyone i was finally able to implement it. Thanks a lot.