Use Camera View for Menu Background

Can’t quite find info on how to do this with UMG (if that’s how you even do it).

Any help would be appreciated!

A good start would be, what exactly you want to archive.

Do you need the Background of your Menü beeing transparent? Set your Color opacity to 0!
Do you have a second/third/… Camera you want to have as rendered view in the Background? Add a Capture2D Component and/or Scene Capture to RenderTarget in Material, and show the resulting Texture as Image in the Widget.

Hey Chrisjudd,

If I’m understanding your question, are you asking to have a camera show a real-time background (aka a world or level) for a Main Menu of sorts? I do this for my Main Menus and I’d be happy to help you out if it’s a Main Menu issue. :slight_smile:

That is exactly what I want to do

So a few things you’ll need to do; you’ll have to first create a Level that is only for the Main Menu. If you already have a level setup but it’s also for your player, you might have to duplicate it for the next step.

What you’ll have to do after that is create a new Game Mode, Player Controller and Pawn. You’ll have to set those up in the Game Mode and then do a GameMode Override in the World Settings for the level.

Then in the Level you can put a Player Start and face it in the direction of where you want it, there’s a few options you’ll have to play with in the Player Controller and Pawn so that it disables movement, etc.

Also in the Player Controller, you’ll have to go to Mouse Interface and set these checkboxes to true:
Show Mouse Cursor
Enable Click Events
Enable Touch Events
Enable Mouse Over Events

After that, you simply would do a On Begin Play in the Player Controller and Create Widget/Add to Viewport to get your UI.

If there’s anything more that you need or some parts aren’t detailed enough, feel free to reply with any additional questions; I could potentially just take a video and show you the steps/a short walkthrough. :slight_smile:

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I already have a menu that shows my world in the background, I just want to be able to set a camera in the world and pull that as what you see for the menu background.

Hope that makes sense.

Maybe you’re looking for this, you add this to your Level Blueprint and the New View Target would be the camera that you put in the world.


That worked perfect, thank you!

No worries! Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

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Im a bit late on this one, but I´ll give it a go since im trying to recreate this exact same thing. I would like a zoomed out cameras view to show up in the background of my main menu. ive recreated this but now im having trouble going back to the regular player view after exiting menu. any tips on this?