Use Blueprints without learning nothing

Hello, can I use unreal blueprint without learning nothing and without having programming skills?


If you did give learning a try, you could have gotten far during those 2 months since you posted this:

It’s never too late…


Why not Print all ^ that ^ out on a T-Shirt with a Bart Simpson ‘underachiever’ pic?
Then start to look around for the ‘MAKE MMO’ button on your computer keyboard!
After that why not just keep posting the very same question over and over again.
Just a gut feeling not Jedi mind trick, but ‘this is not the engine you’re looking for’…


I guess you ask if you need to do courses and watch boring videos and read documentation
and no!
You can use blueprints without learning nothing without having programming skills, but you need to have great skills in google search, be very smart and be very very stubborn


You cant. Also, please use google and the docs Here, you have asked a lot of questions that are easily found on google. If your looking to make a game while doing absolutely nothing, not even looking things up, i do not believe gamedev is for you.

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Looks like there’s a language barrier as the OP never follows up. But as the topic is a classic FAQ question ready for UE5, I recommend starting out reading the advice here. Especially if VideoTuts / Docs / BlogsWikis / ForumPosts / AnswerHub / Slackers isn’t helping. Here is a list of creators behind free Community-Tools projects. Lots of useful mini-games to learn from. :+1:


Yes you can just do it:

  • load any blueprint example into editor
  • run example game
    Here you are using unreal blueprints without learning.