Use blueprint to change the collision of a Box HELP!


I’am trying to make a 2d side scroller. I want to make my charachter walk trough/past a platform (so the charachter can backtrack to the begining of the level etc), but when he jumps he can jump onto the platform. I know how i can get the charachter to walk past the platform by setting the box collision to ignoreonlypawn.

But i want the box collision to change to invisablewall when triggered so the charachter can jump on the platform.

How do i achieve this in blueprint??

You can set collision response by channel by accessing the Primitive Component directly. Here is a screenshot of the node you need to change channel responses. So you can change it to block Pawn, then ignore Pawn as you see fit.

Stupid question maybe. But i am using a basic box as my collision, through which my character can walk, but when he jump he can jump on it.

When i add a reference for the box in levelBP it states persistent level. How or can i change that to primitivecomponent?