Use "blocking volume" with advance effect, not possible ? An other solution?


I’m working with the unreal engine 4.7 and I have a question.

For exemple, I created 2 box and i put 1 beam between them.

Is it possible to group this to add it later on my game ?

The exemple is simple but I created a door with 20 shapes and 8 beams, so i don’t want to copy all of this for every door i want in the map.

Thanks and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

You could make it into a blueprint, and then you can drop this blueprint in your level as many times as you need.

Ok, thanks i’ll do that :slight_smile:

Hi again.

I tried to do that but I’m a little confused, and I don’t really know how to do that.

First, I created a blueprint, but I can’t get the door I already made, so I add new component “static mesh”, with the “shape trim” (from starter content) but I can’t change the size of the object. So how can I create my objet ?

Second, I tried to add my beam but when I want to set the source actor, I can only pick my map object (not my blueprint static mesh) so I think there something I’ve done wrong.

If you have a quick exemple or something, thanks :slight_smile:


I would suggest having a look at the Blueprint tutorial videos here first. I am unable to do an example right now, but could maybe post something up tonight. You could also try looking on the Wiki page here for help.

When you say you want to change it’s size, what exactly are do you mean? You can change the scale of the mesh along any ( or all ) of the 3 axis. Does that not give you what you want?

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this? You should be able to add another static mesh to your blueprint and set its mesh to be the beam part.

Thanks I’ll look at that :slight_smile:

I found how to do it. If I add a static mesh, i don’t have access to the scale tool.

I had to add an other static mesh (a child of the first static mesh), and it works, i can scale what I want. I think the first mesh is in fact the “global scale”.

The beam source need an actor so I can’t select the mesh. And I can’t add “actor” on a blueprint.

Thanks for your help it’s very usefull :slight_smile:

You aren’t able to manipulate the Root Component the same as you are other. In your case the first static mesh you added becomes with Root Component. What I would suggest is first add a SceneComponent that will become the Root, then add you Static Mesh Components as children of that. You will then be able to scale/rotate/move the mesh around.

You can add a ChildActorComponent to your Blueprint and then you will be able to select an Actor.

Your welcome, glad I could help.

Ok I’ll do that !

Sorry to bother you again :confused: I almost finish.

I add 2 static mesh and my beam. In the construction script, I change the “beam source” with the “world location” vector of my first mesh (same for the target).

When I put the BP in my map, it works perfectly ! But when I press play, the beam change and isn’t on the source and target element.

It’s strange :confused:

It’s hard to visualize what is happening, any chance you could post some screen shots of what it’s supposed to look like and what it ends up looking like?

Of course,

This is my blueprint :

This is what I see on the editor :

This what I see when I play :

PS : The beam should be between the 2 sphere and it’s green

Hum I just saw something, if I press Build, the editor view is the same as what I see when I play …

I think I found a solution (but I’m not sure it’s the best).

I do all this stuff on “event tick” and it works but that means every tick I change the source/target point event if the mesh doesn’t move …

If someone have a better and cleaner solution …

Not sure if this will fix it but have you tried using the “Get Relative Location” node in the construction script instead of “Get World Location”?

Ok, so I spent some time figuring this out and got it working.

The first thing to try is to use the Event Graph and the Begin Play event node to set the Source and Target locations like you were in the Construction Script, using Get World Location.

Next I set my Source and Target Methods to “User Set” in the Particle system.

Let me know if you want more details or screen shots of anything.

Yes, I used world location already.

I use the begin play event , I think it’s better than “even tick” :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !

You’re welcome!