Use aim offset to aim at a target instead of follow camera?

Hi i’m making a game with fixed camera angles and i want to be able to shoot while moving (think devil may cry rather than resident evil) i’ve made a 180 degree aim offset and the ability for my character to shoot a projectile but i cant quite think of how to connect the dots. Any pointers for that style?

Perhaps you can be more clear regarding what you are trying to do? Do you want to know how to get the aim camera to point the same way as the weapon?

Hi sorry for not being clear. What i’m essentially trying to create is a game that uses the shooting mechanics of a top down shooter but with cameras like older horror games (RE or Silent Hill)
Right now I have the movement vectors set to update everytime the player moves to a new camera, now I want to set it up character aiming so that if you push down and right on the right stick, the character will aim towards the bottom right of the screen regardless of his orientation or direction.

I’m currently working on implementing a 180 degree aim offset so the character can aim behind himself but currently, unless the camera is behind the player character, you end up having to fight the stick to aim in the direction you want it to.

“Player Camera Manager” might help you. You can get the rotation of a currently active camera from it and probably you can make use of it.

Did you ever figure this put? I set the players control rotation to that of the camera used in fixed camera (Resident Evil camera) but my player will not aim up or down while using the YAW of the fixed camera.

This is an unrelated problem.
In your character blueprint in details tab find ‘Pawn’ and tick ‘Use Controller Rotation Pitch’
If this does not work I recommend that you open a new post instead of posting here on an old thread

i am also trying to figure out a procedural aim offset (rather than faking / eyeballing it with blendspaces) and it seems like there is literally 0 examples or documentation of this online