Use "AI Move to" with no Character Pawn


I have a project that is based on the twinstick shooter template. In the Template, the used pawn for the palyer, is directly onherited from APawn, and not from ACharacter. When I want to use the same pawn as an AI and use the AI Move To node inside my behaviour tree task, it wont work. However, it works, if I reparent my enemy pawn to ACharacter. I assume, it is beacuse the AI Move To requires a CharacterMovement Component. Unfortunatly, it does not to be possible to add a CharacterMovement Component in the blueprint directory of my pawn (I cant select it when adding components)

Is there a way to get “AI Move to” to work with pawns that are not Characters? I dont want to be forced to inherit from ACharacter, since it adds a capsule collision component, which does not really work for the kind of mesh I am using.

It all boils down to the fact that our pathfollowing is based on character movement component. There is a basic support for path following with other movement components, but it’s just not that robust of fully tested. The good news is that making CharacterMovementComponent working with Pawn is on the todo list, so maybe stick to deriving from Character for now, and you’ll be able to switch back to pure Pawn once that feature is on-line.



I would be cool with using Character as my base class, If I could somehow change the Capsule Collider to a sphere collider (or any other)

AFAIK it’s not supported yet, but it’s in the backlog.

Hi mieszko, is this still an issue with current UE version, or can we control pawn movement via BTs already?

Depends on the amount of control you need. Please ask a specific question in a new answerhub thread.

Thanks for your reply, I have posted a new question here: Controlling a floating/hovering pawn from BTs - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

Definitely do AI based BBT does not work for Class Pawn movements. In my case I used the Blueprint Character as trick and I used my enemy static mesh . At least for my basic need , it has worked .

Is this still on the todo list? Character is so bloated when all you need is a Pawn to follow a nav mesh path.

Yea i want to have pawn use an anim bp , but wont without that character movement component , i dont want a capsule on the pawn though.