Use a mixamo mesh as a bot

hi guys , im having some trouble using a mesh rigged with a mixamo skel as a bot can someone please tell me what i should do or show me a tuturial because im not finding it anywhere.
i have my mesh and animations working just not in game

tks in advance

I found FBX’s from mixamo do not import into UDK, actually they do but they don’t give the results you probably are looking for :wink:

What I do to fix it is:

  1. Import FBX from Mixamo to Max
  2. Save imported model in max
  3. reopen the saved model (I found it needs to be closed and reopened as its probably getting rid of some Mixamo settings once the model is reopended)
  4. Export FBX from Max
  5. In UDK import the mesh
  6. Create your animset
  7. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for each anim
  8. Import the anim FBX into UDK

If the anim is applied to the same rig on different models then you only need to repeat the anim steps for importing anims.

Maybe a step or 2 in the above can be dropped, dunno but that’s what I do and it works.

my animations and mesh are working and working on udk trouble is that i only get t-pose when i use it as a bot

It’ll probably be your animtree

in my animetree i see the animations thats why i dont understand

You’re going to have to give us more detail in order for anyone to help you. What have you done so far? Did you just drop the skeletal mesh actor directly into your map? Or did you make a pawn class that has the skeletal mesh as a component? If the former, do the latter. If the latter, then show us your pawn’s code.

i have the mesh with the animeset and animetree the animations work but when i go and change the bot to mine theres no animations just the t-pose.
i tried 2 ways one was change the famalyinfo_liandri male to my mesh , animeset , tree and physics the other was to creat my own code like famalyinfo_botmale and famalyinfo_male none of them worked but im not sure if i did the second thing ok thats why i asked if there was a tutorial on how to creat that code

what i need is help coding my bot to use because i may be ding something wrong , its different to use ut3 skel and creat our own i need to know what i need to change in order for my skel to work and i cant find that

1 minute search

There’s a ton of tutorials out there for beginner stuff …