Use a microphone to choose decisions?

First of all, I’m sorry for the spelling error in the text, I don’t know enough English to write and Google translator for that.

I am on a project in which at certain times in the history the jagador has to make a decision that influences history and the world as well. What I wanted to know and if there is how and how I could do it or if I would have to add something that already exists to be able to do it.

Basically what I was thinking was that a player (if he wanted to) would use a microphone to make these story decisions, basically he would have three or more speech options to choose from and he would have to read one of them using the microphone, so I try to stop it.
I know what I’m thinking and it’s kind of crazy or out of the ordinary, but that would be a better immersion than just pushing a button.

I would like to know how to do this type of thing if possible, the only problem is that it would have to be something using version 4.16 of the unreal, because my PC does not run the other versions of it (nor does it run right, but it helps already.
I’m talking about Intel Pendium G620 2.66Ghz, intel 4000 and 4G ram.
Look how beautiful the engine runs.

I know I could use Unity, I’ve had a lot of problems in the past with it, many things I can’t or don’t find a tutorial as much an idea of ​​how to do it and it doesn’t have a World Composition system like UE4 has to help a lot in the creation of open worlds.

Thanks for those who read this far, if anyone knows how to do it or if you can do it it would help a lot, even if it was for C ++, I don’t care, it’s an idea I had and I wanted to use it.

And sorry for any mistakes in grammar.

Thanks again for reading my idea.

Yes, it can be done. You’d need to integrate a speech-to-text SDK, probably using C++.

I looked into it a bit years ago and never got that far, but there seems there are a few services that could help you.