Use a Animation blue print for your own character

Hi guys, Ripping my hair out trying to figure this out hopefully someone can chime in and save me.

So what I’m doing is creating a mod (re-skinning a game model) , I am using the old assets with my new model everythings connected fine so far except the animation blue print section.

I have connected my newly copied animation blueprint to my character blueprint but the AnimBP still references the old animations where I want it to reference the new animations(same animations but copied over to a separate mod folder)

it all works fine if i reference it to the original AnimBP, skeleton, ai controller and works good in the dev kit exactly how it should but when i bring it into the game ARK it cant have anything referenced outside the mod folder hence copying everything over for the asset over to the mod folder and re-referencing everything.

any ideas guys ?

Many thanks who ever helps!!

If it is different skeletons, reimport all animation but under new skeletons I guess so…
I just guess.