Use 2 button inputs for one animation (ex. RB+X)

I have been trying to find an example showing how to set up 2 button inputs that will cause an animation to take place. In my current project I have the X button to play let us say a left jab animation. But I also want the player to press RB+X to do a left hook animation. If anyone has an example of how to do this in the event graph it would be much appreciated.

Hey there @brightgamer! So in the most basic sense all you’d have to do is process the RB input then if X is pressed after the fact, fire an event. However, this can get messy fast for games that want combos/other modifier keys like fighting games. You may want a queue system to get the keys and then handle commands via them.

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If you just want a basic way to do this (does not scale well):

Input buffer tutorial: Blueprints

Input buffer tutorial: C++

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Thanks for helping out, I found what I was looking for though. Apparently, I needed to use enhance inputs and use the chorded actions to be able to use 2 inputs for one animation.