Use 1 Camera for multiple characters...

Hello everyone! I’m developing a RPG like some of the popular ones out there and have a question about camera switch. I’m trying to make it efficient so I only want to use one Camera for the entire party. This camera needs to focus one the character the player is controlling at all times. so for examples in a party of 3, if character 1 is the controllable character then the camera should focus on it and behave as it would in a third person template. I have been fooling around and the best I can get is switching characters and the view being from the controlled character. I’m grateful for everyone’s help in advance!

I believe I figured it out. I used the “Add camera component node”, “Attach To Component” (attached it to spring arm already on character), then “set view target” followed by a simple “Possess”. When switching I repeat the process for the next character then destroy the old camera… If anybody knows a more efficient way please let me know. when I’m done cleaning the blueprint I will post picks for anyone interested in this topic…

i was planing on making a tutorial right about that topic:D


I would love to see your take on it!

I would like to see your Blueprint. It seems like it could work for me!

yes, this will work… but I suspect that it’s more performance-efficient just to have cameras on all your characters and just Set View Target With Blend between them… creating and destroying camera components on the fly would be less efficient, maybe.

Please do I am having the same problem!